The cutest and coolest memecoin of the future. Dogs wearing grandmas hats, cats staring with their mouths open, and frogs making their noises by the river continued their reign. But now is the time for TOP CAT to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Step aside, Dog and PEPE! TOP CAT is the hottest crypto on the Binance Smart Chain in future, bringing the true meaning of 'phenomenon' to the digital realm. Just like the irresistible charm of a true Cat, this coin is all about empowerment and confidence. It is a currency that takes uniqueness as its mission, beautifies the atmosphere and is a symbol of ostentation.

So join this community and let TOP CAT dominate the crypto world. Let it bring out the financial power within you.

Launch: 30 March,2024 on PancakeSwap


Symbol: CAT

Total Supply:

Taxes: 9/9

Contract : 0xB64d3aF541fc6b924523383cDb3c9225dF45DE49

Phase 1

Launch own website
Create presence on social media
Strong Community building
SAFU Contract
KYC & Audit

Phase 2

Presale on Pinksale
Launch on PancakeSawp
Coingecko/Coinmarketcap Listings
Trending on AveDex, Dexscreener
Listing on Major Exchanges

Phase 3

TOP CAT on the News
Community Growth
Huge Marketing Push
Ambassadors Application

Phase 4

Getting listed on top CEX
Give back to the community Ambassadors Announcement
100,000+ holders
Meme Takeover


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Why Choose $CAT?

Unleash Your Inner Star

$CAT is not just a cryptocurrency; It is a symbol of trust and a peaceful future. Embrace the true meaning of being Googly Cat and tap into the financial star within you. With $CAT, you'll feel the sizzle and shine as you navigate the crypto world with cool and style.

Revolutionary Spirit:

Step aside, old and obsolete cryptocurrencies! $CAT ! is here to shake things up and revolutionize the binance smart chain network. This flashy currency celebrates uniqueness and embraces its investors who set it apart from the crowd. Be part of the revolution and leave a lasting impression in the crypto world.

Making It Rain:

Get ready to go to moon with $CAT ! This coin isn't here to play small; it's designed to create financial opportunities and open doors to new possibilities. You'll have the chance to ride the wave of success and experience the thrill of watching your investments flourish with $CAT.